SHCQ 2020/21 AGM 8 March 2021

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April 2020

June 2020

July 2, 2020 Update to Members regarding COVID restrictions,

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Good Morning Members,

On Tuesday 17 March 2020, Show Horse Council QLD held their Annual General Meeting at the Beenleigh Bowls Club. I’d like to thank everyone who attended and participated in constructive conversation. A very big thank you to Show Horse Council Australasia President Les Gilleard for dialing in. We are currently finalizing the meetings minutes and they will be sent to all members emails shortly along with the Judges draw.

A very big thank you to the 2019 outgoing committee, your selflessness and sacrifice to the SHCQ club & members is most appreciated.

I would like to warmly welcome your 2020 committee as follows:
Vice President - Samantha Watt
Secretary - Jane Clifford
Treasurer - Pauline Drew
Sean Aylett, Tyler Buchanan, Elyse Douglas, Nicole Graham, Racheal Spring, Kylie Raymont, Charlotte Gaspar, Melody Harris.

We are implementing sub-committees to assist the team with the workload and include members on decisions surrounding shows, clinics and training, if you are interested in sharing your ideas we’d love to hear from you.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the SHCA Executive for their support and advice surrounding current SHC events. All SHC events are now formally “on hold” for the immediate future. We encourage you to remain vigilant with your hygiene, wash your hands often and practice social distancing.

Stay safe and look out for others.

Kind Regards

Leonie Walsh

To read our AGM, General Meeting & Committee meeting minutes, please click here

2020 Annual General Meeting

Dear Show Horse Council Queensland Members,

The time is upon us again for the 2020 Annual General Meeting. We sincerely thank the outgoing committee members for their devotion and time during their varying time periods on the SHCQ Committee. 

Following on from the 2019 AGM, there was a motion for members to vote for Management Committee positions directly, rather than Management Committee as a whole. With this in mind, your nominated committee is as follows:


Nominee:    Sean Aylett       1st Nominator: Rachel Spring  2nd Nominator: Peter Hudson

Nominee:    Leonie Walsh   1st Nominator: Sue Poultney   2nd Nominator: Jane Clifford

Vice President

Nominee:    Rachel Spring     1st Nominator: Sean Aylett     2nd Nominator: Peter Hudson

Nominee:    Leonie Walsh      1st Nominator: Sue Poultney  2nd Nominator: Jane Clifford

Nominee:    Samantha Watt  1st Nominator:  Rebecca Crane  2nd Nominator: Jane Clifford


Nominee:   Jane Clifford       1st Nominator: Leonie Walsh  2nd Nominator: Sue Poultney


Nominee:   Samantha Watt  1st Nominator: Rebecca Crane  2nd Nominator: Jane Clifford

General Committee

Elyse Douglas        1st Nominator: Racheal Douglas  2nd Nominator: Claudia Douglas

Nicole Graham      1st Nominator: Sean Aylett           2nd Nominator: Lucy Monteleone

Tyler Harris            1st Nominator: Sean Aylett           2nd Nominator: Sam Buchanan

To view your nominees profiles, please click on each nominee name to open their CV.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 17 March 2020 at the Beenleigh Bowls club for the 2020 AGM. Please arrive by 7pm for a 7:30pm start.

With thanks,

SHCQ Committee

Letter to our Members

Show Horse Council Queensland Members and friends,


Last night we held the 2019 SHCQ AGM with new members of the Management Committee being appointed and the filling of Executive positions.

We were privileged to have SHCA President Tony Norris and Vice president Steve Elliot attend our AGM and we thank them for giving their time to attend and help with the running of the meeting.Tony gave a speech on the new SHCA social media policy which was very informative and well received.

I must say a huge thank you to the 2018 committee members that have now stepped down, both Heidi Cronin and Mellissa Sambrooks have been invaluable with their help during the past years and their presence will be missed by all.Thank you Ladies for your time and efforts.

To the 2018 Committee, what great results we achieved, and I thank every one of you for the team work and commitment you have shown in making our club great.

Kristen Bates -Taunton stepped down as SHCQ Secretary and I thank her for the many years of service through the role that has taken a large part of her time away from Family.The wealth of knowledge Kristen has is immense and irreplaceable and I am sure our new secretary will have her on speed dial during the transition for her invaluable advice.

During Sean Aylett’s Presidents speech at the AGM he announced that he would not be standing for president this year.Sean is passionate about our Association and our wonderful sport and has left very big shoes to fill.I am entirely grateful to him for his tireless work for our members over the last 5 years as president and am grateful he has remained in the position of Vice President as I will need his valuable support.


The new SHCQ management committee for 2019 is as follows;

Jo Moore- President 

Sean Aylett- Vice President 

Mike Smith-Treasurer

Amanda O’Sullivan-Secretary

Kristen Bates-Taunton

Jane Clifford

Jenean Cooper

Elizabeth D’Hondt

Crystal Glenny

Holly Hall-Perrin

Rachel Spring

Annette Snelling

Welcome to Jane Clifford and Rachel Spring onto the 2019 management committee, we are very lucky to have two very passionate people that have a background on show horse committees join our team.

To the SHCQ members that attended last night in either person or by way of proxy, thank you for being part of our wonderful club and having your input at the AGM.

There were some great ideas passed from members last night and we will be moving forward to work with members, sponsors and friends of SHCQ to continue running great shows and implementing ideas to make things great is 2019. 


 I look forward to working with our new team and valued members and welcome any ideas or input you may have that we can explore.


Thank you



Jo Moore